Benefits of installing a new boiler

Thinking of installing a new boiler? There are loads of great benefits for you and your home! A new boiler lowers your bills, helps your home feel warmer and keeps you safe- to name a few! Keep reading to find out more...

Lower energy bills 

Installing a new boiler is a great way to lower your energy bills. Your new boiler will use less energy to heat your home, meaning you won’t need to spend as much on your heating bill! This leaves you with more money to spend on more exciting things. 

More efficient boiler

Your new boiler will be much more efficient, due to new condensing technology. Although, you should also make sure your new boiler is A Rated for efficiency. Your boiler equates to roughly 60% of your energy bills according to the Energy Savings Trust, so an efficient boiler can make all the difference! Your old boiler may have only been 50% efficient, while your new one will be over 90%. Think of how much of a difference 40% can make!

Your home will feel warmer, faster

An efficient boiler will heat up your home quicker. A fast heating boiler will make your home feel warmer in record time, saving you energy! This helps you to have a much more comfortable home, in even less time than before!

Improved safety

A new boiler will keep you and your family safe from any potential gas leaks or damages. A new boiler will have even more safety precautions that your previous one, so you will be even safer. Although, having a carbon monoxide alarm installed close to your boiler is always a good idea. 

Possibility of a warranty or guarantee

Your new boiler may come with a warranty or guarantee, keeping you safe from any breakdowns or repairs. This gives you peace of mind that you won’t have to splash out any more money on your boiler for as long as possible.

Need a new boiler in Cheltenham?

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